A public art project utilizing the services of the USPS through creative correspondences

Post Project Goals

  • Advocate for the importance of the USPS
  • Create a meaningful art experience for community members
  • Encourage thoughtful, tangible methods of communication
  • Explore contemporary art through process as opposed to object-based or value-driven works

For each installment of PostProject, the artists will be present on site at a Post Office for a short term residency during which time they will be writing letters and creating mailable artworks. The correspondences will be sent to random residents within the area of the zip code (selected from the phone book) where they are working. Each piece that is mailed out will be a unique artwork or letter each containing a handmade stamped postcard and a brief explanation of the project encouraging the recipient to participate by sending the card received back out through the USPS.

Map of PostProject Post Offices

2 thoughts on “PostProject”

  1. Accacia said:

    Project sounds interesting. Got a postcard. Wish I could learn more about this.

    • Hello Accacia. Thank you for connecting and am thrilled to hear that you received one of our correspondences. Just curious from what zip code you received one from. Just placed information online and first blog post today.
      More to come in the future.

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